Amazing Music Videos: Thriller by Michael Jackson

No surprise there. “Thriller” is the video of all videos. The ultimate choreography that inspired so many, the latest being perhaps Lady Gaga with her “Bad Romance”. Seriously, who didn’t try to imitate those zombies and their b-boy moves? What a cool idea indeed and very well-executed. And let’s not forget Vincent Price’s perfect voice which is added to the mix to create this wonderful and spooky musical classic!

Directed by John Landis (The Blues Brothers, American Werewolf in London, etc.), “Thriller” is more than a video, it’s a short horror movie. I heard it cost about 500 000$ to make, which is a lot less than MJ’s multi-million dollar videos of the 2000s, but it was 10 times the budget usually allocated to videos back then. Unlike other videos which cost a fortune in the 80’s like Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf”, shot in Sri Lanka and featuring Simon LeBon running after jungle women (geez…), “Thriller” still thrives today because it totally stands the test of time. And did they pay attention to detail! Right down to the creepy sound the zombies’ clothes make. It all really adds to the atmosphere.

So which part of the video freaked you out as a kid? A friend of mine told me she used to hide when the part inside the house started. As for me, I think it was the actual transformation part. But I remember being scared of Vincent Price’s voice and laugh too. As a adult, I think the disclaimer at the beginning is definitely the scariest part of all…

Go ahead b-boy zombies, take it away!



3 thoughts on “Amazing Music Videos: Thriller by Michael Jackson

    • All of the videos you mentioned are on my list of amazing music videos (I think I’ll include I wanna rock in the Twisted Sister post, both videos are similar and quite the 80’s classics)! I haven’t thought of a top 5, but I guess Thriller would be in there, as well as Johnny Cash’s Hurt, and perhaps also the next video I’ll be posting about (hopefully today), Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer!

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