French group Tryo on how bad TV’s gotten

French group Tryo plays a sort of festive acoustic reggay. It’s a great band, and you can enjoy their songs even if you don’t understand what they’re talking about. However, it is much much better when you understand the words, cause they’re socially-engaged and hilarious.

For example, above is the “Sortez les poubelles” video. The title means, litterally, “Take out the trash” and talks about the invasion of reality shows on TV. Of course this song was released in the early 2000s and it was just the beginning of this phenomenon. In the video, we see Beavis and Butthead watching French versions of Loft story, Big Brother, and others, and simultaneously, garbage is piling up…

I also put links to two live performances, including one featuring the great “M” and another where they invite famous African singer Alpha Blondy (from Ivory Coast) on stage and sing one of his reggay songs. This is one of Alpha Blondy’s great songs too, so it’s all good!