Hurt vs Hurt (NIN vs Johnny Cash)

After discussing with stephen1001 about acoustic versions of “harder” songs, I decided to ask the impossible : can you choose between Nine Inch Nails’ Hurt (1994), and the cover song by Johnny Cash (2002)?

Nine Inch Nails’ version conveys raw feelings of sadness, anger, ansgt… a young man who somehow feels like he’s already screwed up his life.

Johnny Cash’s version : an old man looking back at this life, saying goodbye, with deep sorrow and regret…

Both versions are incredibly good, genuine, very intense and moving. I don’t blame anyone for being torn.

Personally, I have to go with NIN, but my choice may be biased as this is the original song, which I have listened to A LOT in my late teenage years.

1- Nine Inch Nails’ version (please don’t mind the two idiots commenting)

2- Johnny Cash’s version (official music video – truly amazing)