Expand your musical horizons with Amadou and Mariam

These two amazing african artists are widely known internationally. Their story is quite unique. Born in Bamako (Mali), Amadou Bagayoko and Mariam Doumbia always had an interest and talent for music. They both became blind very young, and met at an institute for the blind. They quickly became a couple and a musical team. In the early 2000’s, they met international star Manu Chao, who fell in love with their music and decided to produce their first record. “Dimanche à Bamako” (Sunday in Bamako) became a huge hit. Manu Chao’s musical influence is strong on this album (which is not a bad thing) and it brings out Amadou and Mariam’s music in a wonderful way. This is a really great album, with uplifting lyrics in both French and Bambara (Amadou and Mariam’s native malian language). A rare achievement: age, musical preferences, and other considerations don’t seem to matter here – everybody loves this album. Trust me. 😉

Amadou and Mariam released many other albums, after the success of “Dimanche à Bamako”. They collaborated with several people as well. But to me, their first album is special, so I’ll focus on this one, but I encourage you to also listen to all of their stuff. I know that their latest album “Folia” has won prizes as well, so go check it out!

The following series of videos was taken from their youtube account. Enjoy!