Amazing Music Videos: Rehab by Amy Winehouse

This video (and song) completely sold me on Amy Winehouse. I bought the “Back in Black” CD soon after I saw this video, and it was a good call! That album won 5 Grammys and “Rehab” is definitely one of the reasons behind this win.

In the video, we see Amy waking up in her appartment (or warehouse?), I assume on the day she’s supposed to go into rehab. She sings right to the viewer’s face with quite the attitude about not caring much for rehab. This, surrounded by her musicians who look like they’re in the same mood, lazying out, unmotivated to leave the appartment, playing their instruments in their bathrobes and slippers, laying on a mattress, or sitting in the bath…

I have a thing for musicians following around the protagonist everywhere while playing incessant music, like in Emir Kusturica movies!

With her deep soulful voice, Amy brings us a Motown-style hit, with cool horns and a nice hip hop feel. This video is as cool as it gets. But of course the actual topic of alcohol addiction is no laughing matter.

I heard that the video was directed by Phil Griffin, the president of MSNBC (don’t ask me how that came to be, I have no clue). In any case, it’s Amy’s powerful performance that touches the heart here. Her lyrics and performance seem so genuine that we can’t help to be drawn in.



The enigmatic Amy Winehouse

When I first heard the song “Rehab”, I was blown away. Then I saw the video, and I was blown away even more. Then I bought the CD. It had been such a long time since I listened to a song on repeat by a new artist (although it was her second album – “back to black” is indeed the one that blew the doors right open).

Then I heard “You know I’m no good” and “Back to black”… And I thought, in addition to having a great soulfull voice, this woman is a very talented songwriter, again, at such a young age. Her personal relationships seemed to have been awefully painfull though, because those songs are heartbreaking.

Her live acoustic performances say it all. She was a true artist, gone too fast.

Below are the “You know I’m no good” and “Back to black” videos, plus a few  acoustic live performances of “Back to black”, “Love is a losing game”, “You know I’m no good”, and “Rehab”.