The creativity of Beck

Who knew back when “Loser” was playing all over the place that Beck would end up mixing all those musical styles over the years and come up with such different sounds on every album? I listened to Odelay a lot in the late 1990’s, so the Odelay sound is what comes, at least to my mind, when I think of this artist, but I am aware that it does not reflect his entire body of work. So below, in addition to the cool “Sissyneck” from Odelay (1996), I added a live performance of the tropical “Tropicalia” from Mutations (1998) and the melancholic “Lonesome Tears” music video from Sea of Change (2002). AND, for those who remember the Mellow Gold period (1994), I added the hilarious and ridiculous “Loser” video. I had to. His attitude, his clothes, the song itself and the video… it just reminds me of my teenage years. And Beck’s insane b-boy moves at 2:25 are worth the watch.