Amazing Movie Soundtracks : The Big Lebowski

I re-watched for the twentieth time “The Big Lebowski” on a rainy evening the other day: the hilarious story of a charismatic pot-head, bowling and white-russian-loving low-achiever, somehow mistaken for a millionnaire, and the resulting tragic loss of his rug which “really tied the room together”. This Cohen Brothers cult-classic is one of the only “laugh-out-loud” movies that I have had the pleasure of seeing (we never really laugh out-loud in front of the TV, do we? But this is a nice exception).

The movie soundtrack, comprising many songs from the 60’s and the 70’s, is very enjoyable and complements the movie in a wonderful way. BUT, the major omissions on the short soundtrack available on CD may lead to dissapointment. For example, no CCR??? I just, I mean… why?!!?? Even if the two songs from this band are included in memorable scenes… like this one for example:


Therefore, this post constitutes a tribute to the complete movie soundtrack rather than the CD version, unfortunately. If you want to recreate the whole thing at home (30-something songs I believe), you have a bit of work in front of you so why not just watch the whole movie again and light up your mood!

A few other great songs are coming up from Captain Beefheart, The Rolling Stones, Santana… and CCR again!