Black Sabbath: the Gods of Metal

I was in the car the other day and some old Iron Maiden song was playing. Just before that, I had heard a Metallica song. It kinda got me in the mood for the ultimate gods of metal, the awesome and influential Black Sabbath!

Rolling Stone magazine reportedly called this English band “The Beatles of heavy metal”, emphasizing their role in defining the genre. And Ozzy is quite the frontman. Yes, Black Sabbath is a talented and very memorable band. I remember seeing footage of one of their 70’s live performances, which showed a huge monstrous face slowly going down towards the stage, surrounded by fire (my memory might be a bit affected by my childhood fear of this band though). And of course the crowd was going wild. They certainly knew how to use theatrics, and Ozzy kinda went overboard a few times, in a spectacular manner… and now it’s all part of rock and roll legends.

Although Black Sabbath has been associated mainly with “devilish themes”, the band has also written about political and social issues, as is the case for “War pigs” which is a favorite of mine.

So… do you have a few minutes to spare to totally rock it out?!