Amazing Music Videos: Coffee and TV by Blur

Alright, I’ll say this right off the bat: this isn’t the “grand piece of art” kind of video. Rather, it’s the odd little tale of the missing guitarist, and the milk carton that sets out on an dangerous journey to look for him. It sounds stupid, I know, and it is pretty stupid, but I think it works. And I like this nice little chill-out tune of Blur’s, based on smooth guitar rythms and vocal harmonies.

But this post is about the video. A video about a milk carton, who sees a family’s despair and decides to go out and save the guy’s who face is featured on its sides… Poor little pal, it’s not the milk carton’s job, leave that to the big guys! But he gets by pretty well, considering. I wonder if we’d have had this kind of video if there hadn’t been an 80’s classic called Honey I shrunk the kids… The reference to the 80’s is appropriate – 80’s videos often feature little stories like this. Well, not exactly like this.

Most of the video shows the milk carton’s stupid funny cartoonish reactions to different types of hazards: his traumatized face when he sees his strawberry milk carton girlfriend being squished, his scared face when he sees all the empty cans in the trash, … but it ends in a heartwarming reunion with Blur’s guitarist. And then there’s his very anticlimatic demise: (spoiler alert) apparently, there are people who’d just drink a milk carton laying around on the floor. But it’s OK, Milky, isn’t bitter, he’s the altruist type after all. The proof: his endless rise to heaven…

Am I making any sense?

Highlights: when the milk carton gets a ride with a biker; when he gets scared of the cougar woman; the bit with the band ; and the milk carton’s overall stupid smiley face and the cool way he’s walking/dancing to the rythm.

I don’t envy the poor guy playing the mascott all day long filming this video!