Bob Marley – A Little Bit of Sunshine

You can’t go wrong with Bob Marley. This jamaican singer/songwriter and musician has, along with friends The Wailers, achieved international recognition and fame by introducing the world to accessible, and truly awesome, reggay albums. Bob Marley left us way too quickly in 1981, due to cancer. He remains nevertheless one of the biggest international stars, and one of the most beloved and charismatic figures in music. His lyrics address topics such as social justice, love (romantic love, yes, but mostly love of your fellow man), and spirituality.

You really just can’t go wrong with Bob Marley! This wonderful music is never irritating and it lifts the mood. But now listen, this is very important: if you only heard the “Legend” CD, a world of wonders awaits you! Maybe it’s because “Legend” was so overplayed, but I hardly ever listen to that album (I still like “Jamming” though).

Easy listening music. Enjoy!