Amazing Music Videos : Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim

Now that MTV, Much Music, MusiMax, and Musique Plus seem more interested in “reality” TV shows than music videos, I suggest we post about the coolest, most artistic and memorable videos of all time.

Let us start with Fatboy Slim’s award winning “Weapon of choice” video, produced by Spike Jones (Being John Malcovitch, Adaptation, etc.). What a concept : watching Chistopher Walken dancing alone in a hotel, in a swift business suit. And he’s got awesome moves too. There’s something cool and eerie about it, or is it Christopher Walken who’s cool and eerie?

Apparently the “flying” scene was the hardest to film and it’s ironically the least interesting.

What I like is the simple, original concept, reminiscent of old Hitchcock episodes, where something strange could happen out of nowhere, in what otherwise seemed like an ordinary day.