I got the same old blues : J.J. Cale vs Lynyrd Skynyrd

This is gonna be a tough one. The toughest one yet?

J.J. Cale is the coolest underrated country-rock-blues artist ever. “I got the same old blues” is yet another wonderful laid-back tune from electric guitar wonder  J.J. Cale. And the lyrics… oh yeah… I love the ending too. I’m not telling!

American country-rock-blues band Lynyrd Skynyrd does a whoppin’ cool version of this song. It’s similar to the original, but musically, it sounds more powerful, probably because of the “group” effect. And this song is perfect for them, right up their alley!

But I love J.J. Cale’s smooth and pleasant vocals. The tone of his voice and the emotion conveyed fit the song really well. And his solo in the middle sounds awesome.

I honestly cannot decide. They’re both perfect. What do you think?