Treat Yourself to David Gray’s “White Ladder”

I realized over the years that the albums I listen to most often are those smooth rainy day albums that can be enjoyed while curled up in a comfy chair with a latte or a glass of wine (and now that the kids are getting a little older, I appreciate these moments of peace all the more!). Usually, these albums feature smooth melodies, with vocals and acoustic guitar/piano upfront. David Gray’s “White Ladder” is that kind of album, and it remains a sure bet for a nice little afternoon/evening at home.

“White Ladder” was British singer songwriter David Gray’s fourth record. It was self-financed and recorded in a London appartment… and it became a huge success. How can one explain this success? Sure, the songs are good, but there’s more. As is often the case with successful albums, people felt a special connection to this record. Let’s remember when this album was released : in 1998. Right after the grunge period, just before the turn of the century, when, as it appears, society went nuts and got into the terrible phase of boy band/girl band/lolita/gangsta rapper type artists backed (or made) by an insatiable and insipid music industry. In such times, you could find solace in such an album.

All in all, David Gray looks like quite the nice guy!