Party Time with Bran Van 3000

Bran Van 3000 is a Montréal electronica-rock-funk-hip hop music collective, led by creative genius James Di Salvio. This collaboration of about 20 singers, musicians, producers, and friends resulted in Bran Van’s first album, the unique and surprising “Glee”. This album fits well in the mid-late 90’s, it has a cool indie pop rock / trip hop feel to it. “Glee” was both critically and commercially acclaimed, and the album won best canadian alternative album in 1998. Bran Van went on to make three other albums, and to collaborate with numerous artists like african singer and international star Youssou N’Dour, and american rapper Big Daddy Kane.

The name Bran Van 3000 might not ring a bell, but you have most likely heard a few of their songs (their first single “Drinking in L.A.” was playing everywhere at the time, and several other songs ended up on movie soundtracks; for example, “Go Shopping” was included in the soundtrack of Alfonso Cuarón’s great “Y Tu Mamá También”).

There are a dozen people on stage when they perform live, and it really feels like a huge party.


The Music of Lamb on Soft Winter Days

Lamb is an English electronic band, with a touch of trip hop/drum and base. I’ve been listening to this group a lot these days for some reason. Not to any particular album, just to random songs here and there from their 1996 first releases to their newest ones. This music fits the current atmosphere somehow, “trip hop” reminds me of soft winter days. Although, as I said, it’s not necessarily your typical trip hop band (by typical, I mean Portishead, who started it all). In any case, Lamb is a nice little find, so I’m sharing.

Here is a live taping of Gorecki, as well as the song God Bless, and Heaven.