The Innu nation is the most populous Aboriginal nation in Québec. If you lived in Québec at the end of the 80’s, you at least knew two or three songs in Innu, thanks to awesome country-folk band Kashtin, composed of Florent Vollant and Claude McKenzie, two artists from Maliotenam, located in the Northern Coast region (Côte-Nord). But their songs were also popular in Canada, France, and several other countries. This great folk music about the Innu people of Maliotenam, traditional values, life’s struggles, and much more (I unfortunately don’t speak Innu so I can’t give much more detail…), it sounds good even twenty five years later. Hurray for those intriguing lyrics, catchy melodies and good guitar riffs, and the talented musicians who can make it all sound great. Now I can’t get these songs out of my head (but it’s a much more pleasant feeling than having, lets say, “who let the dogs out” stuck in there…)

Now these videos are not quite the high resolution type… But you guys can still appreciate the nice retro feel of old beta/vhs tape, right?  You see, I really wanted to post the original 80’s videos for the songs “Tshinanu” (Our People), “Tipatshimun” (The Devil’s Song), and “E uassiuan” (My Childhood). I also added two songs from Florent Vollant’s 2003 album “Katak”, which are really cool. BTW, Miam Maikan (White Wolf) was featured in the excellent movie “Looking for Alexander(original title: Mémoires affectives) by François Leclerc. Check it out if you can!