The amazing Stevie Wonder

I’m not familiar with every Stevie Wonder album, nor do I like all of his songs, but there are many I do like since there’s such a wide selection to choose from! I can say with no hesitation that he is a major artist who made an immense contribution to music, and society as well in a way. Never giving in to cynicism, he retained an optimism about humanity which, in our current cynical world, is kind of refreshing.

With a career spanning over 50 years, incredibly talented Stevie Wonder is a wonder indeed. He was signed by mystical label Motown at age 11. He’s made some great albums like the “Fullfillingness First Finale”, “Songs in the Key of Life” and “Innervisions”. The 1980 reggay tune “Master Blaster Jammin'” is feel good music at its best (just look at that smiley-faced audience!). Incidentally, has anyone seen one of his live shows? I haven’t, but it seems to be quite an experience! I think you go home happy afterwards.

So there you go, let’s brighten up this November sky with the famous “Superstitions”, the funky “Too High” from Innervisions, and the smooth, yet upbeat “Master Blaster Jammin'”.



Dance, sing and scream like James Brown!

I’m kidding, please don’t try that. Us ordinary people just can’t manage. But James Brown was one of a kind.

If you like the “godfather of soul”, you’ll find plenty of goodies here today. The first video is a 40-minute performance from the “Soul Train” TV show. Ah, man, why aren’t there music shows like this on TV anymore?? And how cool are those dancing musicians!

After this non-stop dance performance, I wanted to add the smoother It’s a man’s man’s man’s world, and I found a nice little performance in Paris.