Come As You Are – Thoughts of Kurt Cobain

Just like every other teenager, twenty years ago, I heard the news of Kurt’s tragic death on TV and phoned my friends to share my disbelief. I kept hearing journalists say that “it didn’t come as a surprise” because he was a “drug addict” and such. I found this attitude very irritating and contemptuous. While we might never know what led to this tragedy as the circumstances surrounding his death are so obscure, it seems as though Kurt had been suffering both physically and psychologically for a long time, and fame accentuated it all. That saddens me. Usually, with time, you see things in a different light. Kurt would have probably felt at peace eventually, but he didn’t get any time. I wonder what songs he would have written if he was still with us.

I am twenty years older now but the “grunge” period left a profound mark on me. My way of thinking hasn’t really changed (although I may be less radical about it). I still think most things thrown at us are quite superficial and insignificant, and not worth risking your health and sanity over (if you can help it). But the few really important things in life, those must be treasured: strong relationships, worthy activities and accomplishments, and… good music.

I already posted a link to the amazing unplugged mythical performance of “Where did you sleep last night“, so here are Nevermind’s underrated “Lounge Act” and “Something in the way”, the classic “Come as you are”, and “Rape me” from In Utero.