Enjoying Ben Harper’s slide guitar on this cold day

Man, it is cold out. Polar vortex, you say? While Stephen Colbert wears a huge red winter coat over his perfectly pressed suit, I intend to keep warm today by listening to Ben Harper’s “Fight For Your Mind”. And perhaps a few other songs from Ben Harper. I am ashamed to say that I know only a little about his music aside from “Fight for your mind” which I have listened to intensely. The Bob Marley fan that I am loves how it starts, with the smooth reggay-infused “Oppression”. And then, the good stuff just keeps coming: Another Lonely Day, Burn One Down, Excuse Me Mr., People Lead, Power of the Gospel, God Fearing Man, … This album’s got mature, socially-conscious lyrics, musical and vocal prowess… another cool album of the 90’s.

I found a Montréal 1996 concert that I just had to put a link to. I also added a live performance of the simple yet wonderful “Another Lonely Day”. In the last video, Ben Harper is playing alongside buddy Jack Johnson who’s performing his song “Flake” on Leno (check out the cool slide guitar solo!).