All Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan vs Jimi Hendrix)

I will soon be posting about Bob Dylan. While looking for great live performances to add to my post, I came up with the idea to follow up on the Hurt vs Hurt (NIN vs Johnny Cash) showdown with yet another heartbreaking choice.

Bob Dylan wrote and sang the original version of All along the watchtower. I personally love this version, which offers great vocals, guitar and harmonica playing. Definitely got the Bob Dylan feel. A soft yet dramatic rendition of the song. But Dylan himself has allegedly said that he loves Jimi Hendrix’s “heavier” version. Jimi definitely made this song his own, and his evocative vocals and guitar playing make this a very intense version. When I was younger, I would have voted for Jimi’s version, no question. But now I’m torn.

A little help?


Awesome guitars solos : Does anything beat Jimi Hendrix’s Little Wing?

Maybe, maybe not, I admit I haven’t given this too much thought. 😉 But this may just be my favorite of Jimi’s. The melody goes straight to the heart. Stevie Ray Vaughan did make a 10 minute-long instrumental cover so I guess this goes to show just how strong the music is.

And my friend used to play this song all the time on his guitar while we were hanging out in his parents’ basement, back in the day. Ah, the memories!