The Best of the “Best of”(s) Series: Sinead O’Connor (1997)

This intriguing Irish artist is internationally known perhaps mainly for her famous version of Prince’s “Nothing Compares to You”, and perhaps also, in the US, because of the SNL controversy in the 1990’s. But there is much much more to know about Sinead O’Connor. Unfortunately, I won’t have time to get into it today, not that much anyway, as I’m focusing on her “best of” album intitled “So Far… the Best of Sinead O’Connor”.

This album released in 1997 contains songs from her first four albums. So yes, this compilation has a quite an 80’s/early 90’s feel to it (a bit too much synth here and there), but some of her best songs are on this CD (like the breathtakingly intense “Troy”). Indeed, her great lyrics and amazing ability to convey emotional intensity, are all over this album.

Sinead O’Connor collaborated with tons of artists and reinvented herself quite a few times, so this compilation doesn’t necessarily reflect her entire body of work, but it’s a great way to start.

She’s had a bit of a rough life, and whether you agree with the way she expresses her strong social and political beliefs, she is a truly unique artist, immensely talented and creative, who had the guts to be different and lived with the consequences, both negative and positive.

Enjoy a few goodies below.