Ode to Cranberries’ “No Need to Argue” album

“No Need to Argue” by Irish band The Cranberries came out in 1994 when I was still a teenager. The first song I heard was “Zombie”, a friend made me listen to it. We loved its “hard” sound. In 1995, “Ode to my Family” was playing on the radio, although I didn’t like it that much in comparison to “Ridiculous Thoughts” which later got some airtime. By then, I had copied the album on a tape and listened to other songs like “Empty”, “Twenty One”, and “I Can’t Be With You”. A highschool crush sorta confessed to me by telling me to listen to “Dreaming My Dreams” (however that’s as far as the relationship went; it seemed that we were both more interested in the music after all).

Even with all the history we shared, I never thought of The Cranberries as being a favorite band of mine, nor did I think that this album would stick with me for a long time. But I still listened to it quite a bit. It was a sure bet everytime.

Many years later, I realize how good this album actually is, with great guitar melodies and the inimitable voice of Dolores O’Riordan. My favorite song kept changing, which is a testament to the quality of the overall product. I really loved some underrated songs (they were at least in 1994), the haunting “Disapointment” and “Daffodil Lament”, as well as “Yeat’s Grave”. There’s also the sorrowful “No Need to Argue” that I only paid attention to years later.

So today, I’m making amends and giving this album the recognition it deserves. Not only was this a really important album of the 90’s, it really ages well and is a pleasure to listen to 20 years later.