You really got me (The Kinks vs Van Halen)

This great song did wonders for the careers of both bands. The Kink’s classic rock n’roll version (the original) is one of their earliest hits, if not their breakthrough hit. They became known as one of the 60’s “British invasion” bands.  Also, it seems that this song was very influential, being one of the first hit songs to be based around power chord riffs – and these chords have to be among the most famous in rock n’roll history!

Van Halen’s cover, featured on the band’s first album, is very well-known, to the point that people often mistake it for the original. It’s a clever cover: it doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, it builds on the song’s strongest asset (the powerchord riffs) and adds Val Halen’s strongest assets. Eddie is an outstanding electric guitarist, and he performs well on that song, as always. And David Lee Roth is an undeniably talented front man, even if his flashy style is a bit funny nowadays. This harder version has been used in various commercials, movies, and videos games.

So, who wins? Either way, you’ll have fun watching these videos.

The Kinks are cool but what the heck is going on at the end?

Oh man, David Lee Roth, what are you doing?…