The influential Pixies

Since the late 80’s – early 90’s, many artists claim that The Pixies are/were a great influence on them. When Kurt Cobain said it, I thought I hadn’t heard this band yet and was intrigued. Then I realized that I had indeed heard a few of their songs (Where is my mind, Here comes your man, …) without knowing they were Pixies’ songs. Funny how influential bands sometimes achieve only relative commercial success while the bands they have influenced rise to international stardom. I think this is especially true in the case of Velvet Underground (rest in peace Lou Reed!).

I rediscovered the Surfer Rosa CD recently, and that prompted me to post links to two 80’s live performances. The Pixies are very well-known for their live performances by the way, so don’t hesitate to check out the following links to enjoy Where is my mind, and Bone machine!