We are wolves’ new album is out

This wonderful indie Montréal-based trio has been totally rocking it since they got together in 2000. Their music has been critically acclaimed both locally and internationally (Pitchfork, Spin, and Rolling Stones magazine even mentioned them – not bad for a canadian indie band!). Their music has been described as “electronic-rock”, “post-punk”, and “post-modern rock”, but that doesn’t really tell us anything so I suggest you listen for yourself.  They really do have a cool and somewhat unique sound, even though the guy sings like Ozzy Osbourne (which is fine by me!).

Two of the band members come from the world of visual arts, which is quite obvious from some of their videos, such as the cool “Blue” video (available below). So few choose to film their video in winter, but the light effects are great!

We are wolves’ new CD “La mort pop club” was released last February, so let me start by a live performance of “As the moon sets”, the first song on that album.