Amazing Music Videos: the Genius of Björk and Michel Gondry

Michel Gondry is a French video and movie director (Human Nature, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, etc.) who collaborated with Björk since her “Debut” album. The two of them have a fruitful partnership, which resulted in several amazing videos. I read somewhere that Gondry found Björk especially inspiring, leading him to trust his creative instinct more. Björk found an interesting interpretor in Gondry (they have a tight collaboration, however, and it seems Björk is very much involved in the process). I want to underline here the interest Gondy had in expressing Björk’s singularity through his concepts and visuals.

You will find below links to the beautiful and moving “Bachelorette”, with its incredible narrative illustrated by several “mises en abîmes”, frames within frames, stories within stories, that eventually come fill circle, when the first story finally reclaims the narrative. Indeed, as shown in his directing works, Gondry often seems more interested in promoting a narrative rather that promoting the artist per se, by putting him/her upfront and center. A certain balance needs to be found.

I invite you to also watch the visually stunning “Isobel”, and of course, the slightly bizarre yet very enjoyable “Human behaviour”, the video that started it all.