Another wonderful find: Patrick Watson performing outside

Montrealer Patrick Watson was originally trained as a classical pianist. I hear that at the age of 7, he sang in local choirs. Later, he played the keyboard with ska-jazz band “Gangster Politics”. However, he is best known for his recent work with his band (called “Patrick Watson”, as it seems they couldn’t agree on any other name), which won critical acclaim. Personnally, I bought the CDs “Close to Paradise” and “Adventures in your own backyard”, and they’re both great. Smooth and easy listening, especially in the fall or winter seasons.

If you’ve never heard of him/them, I invite you to click on the links below. Youtubers can post such great stuff!

1- The first video is a live performance of “Into Giants”, in some backyard on a sunny day (as a reminder of the album’s title). Great, now I want to have an afternoon drink with friends in my or their backyard. Better get a sweater though this time of year. Jeez… fine, I’ll have some herbal tea instead and put on wollen socks, but somehow it doesn’t sounds as cool or as tempting now.

2- The second video is a live performance of “Man under the sea” in a dark alley in Paris. It sounds creepy but it’s not, it’s a classy dark alley. 😉